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Older Toddler

Lead Teacher
Jules Boardman

My name is Julia Boardman, but best known to your children as Miss Jules.  I grew up on a 200 acre farm in southern Missouri.  My father served 21 years in the military and met my mother in Germany, which is where I was born.  German was my first language, though now only speak it at about a two year-old level.  My mother is Croatian and I grew up with a sense and understanding of cultural diversity.  My mother was a stay-at-home mom.  My father would be deployed at times for years and we did not move with him.  It was up to my mother and us kids to keep the house and farm going, which instilled my work ethic and sense of responsibility.  From the age of five, I knew I was going to be a teacher, forcing my siblings to play “schoolhouse” with me.  I grew up with two younger sisters and two older brothers.  As the oldest of the girls, I took on the responsibilities of looking after my younger sisters.  I began babysitting at the age of fourteen for family friends.  At eighteen, I began teaching at a summer school program in Pennsylvania for disadvantaged families while going to college back in Missouri for secondary education.  When I was twenty, I spent seven months just traveling around the country from the Dakotas to Florida then Texas, Nevada, California, and Hawaii.  On my return, I obtained a teaching position at a private Christian Academy in Missouri.  I taught 1st thru 8th grade Math, Music, and Art there for three years.  I conducted Christmas musicals, graduation ceremonies, and annual art contests.  An unusual change of events occurred that brought me to Pennsylvania in 2011.  It's not until after we've reached our destination that we understand where we were going.  I found a job at a Childcare Center in Carlisle and returned to school changing my major to Early Education.  I taught there for three years before I joined The Children's Garden in 2014.  I have my CDA and continue to work on my degree.

            My teaching philosophy comes from my upbringing and is inspired by the Reggio Amilia schools in Italy which are project approach based centers.  I believe the daycare environment should be more like a “home.”  Children need to feel like this is their environment and should feel safe, comfortable, and loved.  Teachers must have open communication with parents to develop a holistic understanding of the children.  Just as the family is aware of the child's daily activities, families should also communicate events in home life with the teachers.  “It takes a village to raise a child.”  Teachers and children should be involved in daily activities together including cleaning and food preparation.  The classroom is a family.  The children should be encouraged to do and think for themselves independently and are part of setting the classroom boundaries.  Instruction should be done in a more “home-like” manner rather than a formal school setting.  Does a mother sit her children down for circle time Saturday mornings?  The answer is, no.  Learning is completed in a project approach manner.  Project approach builds on what the children are interested in and rather then “lecturing” a lesson, projects and activities are offered to allow the children to explore the topics in a real-life concept.  Organization and cleanliness are also vital in creating the classroom environment.  Rooms should be warm and welcoming and stimulate the creativity in these active children's minds.

            I am very excited about this year and am looking forward to being a part of your families.  Know that teaching and children are my absolute passions in life and I am honored to be working with you all.  Each individual has a unique set of characteristics and qualities and our job as teachers is to help children find the key to unlock their greatest potential.

Alisa Clark,
Jul 27, 2018, 6:36 AM