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Teacher Recognition

Teacher of the Year
Often I think there is the misperception that this Teacher has to be perfect and never make any mistakes. This idea could never be farther from the truth. As I was thinking over who I was going to give this award to I wrote at the top of my paper the word Teacher. As all of you know that the word teacher has seven letters in it. there are seven qualities that this individual has that made my decision clear. I used the letters in the word teacher to bring these to light.
        T: is for trust. this individual has created an atmosphere of trust in her classroom. It is apparent by the welcoming environment that the parents trust her team with the care of their children. Predictability and consistency makes this quality clear. Her gentle and calm nature provides all the children with the security that is needed while they are away from their parents. Her team excels in her leadership because trust is the foundation of her interactions.

        E: is for enthusiasm. All of us know that for children to buy in to our guidance and planning we must have enthusiasm to seize the day. This individual brings this quality everyday. Her classroom management is weaved with her enthusiast attitude. If she is painting a picture of a beach scene or going for a walk with the children in her class she strives to be excited through the daily routine and the children exhibit the same attitude as herself and her team.

        A: is for amazing. This quality is demonstrated by this individuals general belief system. She is amazed by the milestones that the children in her care achieve. She is amazing because she celebrated the individual child and does not take credit for their accomplishments.

        C: is for caring. Being caring is not always an easy quality to possess if we are honest with each other it is pretty daunting at times. This teacher is not only caring to the children because it is her "job" but she genuinely demonstrates this trait with all her interaction in the building. I have seen in many instances her caring nature. There are too many to talk about during this short speech. But she is definitely a bright light on a cloudy day.

        H: is for hope. this quality is the one that stands out the most in this individual. She has hope in all the children in her classroom. In many of our conversations I have learned that she believes that children thrive in an environment that never gives up on the thought that they can be anything they want to be. She has the hope to make the difference and this is clear in her behaviors.

        E: is for energetic. This teacher is full of energy. She has a special bounce in her step especially when her children are running here and there. She never gets discouraged and keeps up with all the energy in her classroom. It is a pleasure to watch her teach and interact her class.

        R: is for respect. This individual has earned my respect. She learns from her mishaps and strives to bring her best to the program. Her desire to continue to learn is a testament of her loyalty and commitment to children and that in itself is a commendable quality.

Without further ado, I am pleased to announce.....Jules Boardman Teacher of the year 2016.