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Teacher Recognition

Teacher of the Year
Kristin Eberly
Great teachers empathize with children, respect them, and believe that each one has something special that can be built upon," Ann Lieberman
This teacher has always had a heart for children. she has worked at The Children's Garden for 18 years and has given more to the program than expected. the children in her care are not only loved, but they are taught to love as well. She builds them up by showing them that they "can" do anything. She has proven this in her own personal life by taking on endeavors that may present obstacles while still believing that she "can" do anything. She taken on going back to college to obtain her while still working full-time here at the Garden. We truly are blesses to have her as part of our staff. She reaches out to other staff to help with anything that comes along. She is willing to take on duties that are outside of her normal routine. This teacher is confident in her teaching abilities as she leads the children by meeting their physical needs, respecting their uniqueness, and building them up while reflecting upon  the mission of The Children's Garden. She gives the love, support, guidance, and knowledge while teaching them the Christian values they will need to become successful young individuals. It is with great pride that I announce Ms. Kristin Eberly as Teacher of the Year 2017.
Thank you, Ms. Kristin for being a "great teacher". You are much appreciated and loved.