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Our Staff

Caregivers at The Children's Garden are certified in accordance with DPW regulations and require continued training and/or prior experience in the filed of Early Childhood Education. Kindergarten teachers are certified by the Pennsylvania Board of Education. All caregivers and teachers are required by law to submit for State Police and Child Abuse Clearances. Anyone hired on or after April 1, 2007 will be required to also have an FBI clearance.

Staff List 2019-2020

Infant Room
Team Leader - Ilene Foxx - Department Leader
Marceyana Jones
Christina Kochenour
Stephanie Pond
Erin Snyder
Young Toddler 1
Team Leader - Shannon Speelman
Nicole Craul
Cassandra St. Juste

Young Toddler 2
Team Leader - Marie Gewiss
Paige Embrey
Hannah Rohrs

Transitional Toddler
Team Leader - Kristen Eberly
Kathy Lisse

Older Toddler
Team Leader - Jules Boardman
Lindsey Mengle
Joyce Lugo

Transitional Preschool
Team Leader - Tara Raisner
Ashley Smith
Mario Roadcap
Preschool 1
Team Leader - Katie Galitsky
Christine Baker

Preschool 2
Team Leader - Alisa Clark
Linda Dimartile
Kelsie Poff
Zuri Lugo

Pre-Kindergarten 1
Team Leader - Barbara Foxx 
Stephanie Daniels 
Blanca Garcia
Pre-Kindergarten 2
Team Leader - Leigh Ann Courtney
William Elliott
Ryane Shipman
Sam Shipman

Team Leader - Carly Hertz - Department Leader (Pre K and K)
Lisa Coy
School Age
Team Leader- 
Ryane Shipman
Sam Shipman

Wanda Leon
Stephanie Switzer
Alicia Acevedo

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